The coolest birthday gifts for 2 year olds

Wonder and Wise kayak sleeping bag | Coolest 2 year old gifts

Cool birthday gifts for 2-year-olds should be able to keep up with them — even if you can’t. Imaginative play toys help channel that boundless curiosity into something more productive than, say, taking a crayon to your wall, while other toys will help build important skills like strengthening their memory or learning to follow directions. (Win!)

Of course there’s also cool clothes, great books, and fun room decor. . . we found so many cool gifts for 2-year-olds, the biggest challenge might be getting them to sit still long enough to unwrap all of them.

Please note that we’ve included links to both big and small shops for convenience and price. But we always encourage you to shop your own local independent toy stores, book stores, and boutiques!

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The coolest gifts for 2 year olds | Cool Mom Picks ultimate kids' gift guide 2023

The coolest birthday gifts for 2 year olds

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Olliella soft baby doll |The coolest 2 year old gifts

Olli Ella soft body baby doll
($50 at The Tot)

Floppy in all the best ways, these adorable soft baby dolls are the perfect size for 2 year old arms to hold. Simply lovely.

This colorful DUPLO My First Alphabet Truck makes a cool gift for 2 year olds

LEGO DUPLO: My First Alphabet Truck
($24.99 at Amazon)

Learn letters through play with this chunky set of DUPLO letter bricks that neatly stack up on the back of this moveable truck. A great starter set or to add to your toddler’s growing collection of DUPLO.


Kidzone electric toy bumper car | Cool 2 year old birthday giftKidzone electric bumper car
($179.96 at Amazon)

For kids as young as 18 months, this ride on comes with a remote control so parents can control the driving. (You can turn over the controls once the young driver is old enough to not just ram you in the legs over and over.) Too bad they don’t come in adult sizes too.


Wonder and Wise kayak sleeping bag | The coolest 2 year old birthday gift

Wonder and Wise kayak sleeping bag
($123 at Nordstrom)

They’ll paddle off to dreamland in this sweet little kayak sleeping bag. Grab this little mini version too, and their favorite lovey can join them for sweet dreams!

Kido Chicago's food puzzles for toddlers | The coolest 2 year old birthday gifts

Wooden food puzzles
($24 each at Keiki Kaukau)

It’s never too early to introduce them to the wonders of food from around the world: Maybe they’ll be more apt to stray from their “safe” mac and cheese and try some crispy lumpia or miso soup. Your biggest choice will be which one of the six chunky puzzles from this Hawaiian toy company will be on your menu, er, shopping list?

SMOL blue rainbow bounce house | The coolest 2 year birthday gifts

SMOL Rainbow Bounce House
($429-$479 at The Tot)

For indoors or out, it’s an awesome way to burn off that energy they never seem to be lacking. In pink or blue; also available here.


Just Like Me diverse book subscription | The coolest 2 year birthday gifts

Just Like Me curated book subscription
(from $30/month at Just Like Me)

We’ve recommended this well-curated monthly book subscription for a few years, thanks to its focus on diversity in kids’ literature. We also like that the books grow up with your kids, so you can start them with books aimed at two year olds, but they’ll still get books they’ll love when they’re six.

Sesame Street Boombas socks for toddlers | The coolest birthday gifts for 2 year olds

Sesame Street toddler socks
($39 at Bombas)

The letter of the day is S! Sesame Street socks are super soft and suggestive of your kids’ favorite characters, like the tiny cookie for Cookie Monster or the pink circle nose for Grover. Stupendous!

Personalized wooden puzzle by Bannor Toys | The coolest gifts for 2 year olds

Personalized shape puzzle

($32.99 + $7 for personalization at Bannor Toys)

This chunky shapes puzzle is great for practicing hand-eye coordination; the personalization makes it an extra-special gift.

Key crayons from Jar Melo | The coolest gifts for 2 year old

Key-shaped crayons from Jar Melo
($14.97 at Amazon)

Unlock their artistic side with these key-shaped, chunky crayons in a dozen colors. Add lots of drawing paper so they can get coloring right away.

LuMi plush nightlight plush toy | The coolest 2 year old birthday gifts

LuMi nightlight gift set
($42.99 at Little Lantern)

The coziest night light that turns on with a touch of the belly, LuMi is easy for toddlers to carry as they waddle down the hallway to wake you up for another glass of water. Don’t worry, they’ll sleep through the night someday.


Timber Tots Treehouse toddler playset | Coolest 2 year old gifts

Timber Tots Treehouse play set
($49.95 at Fat Brain Toys)

One of the cutest things to come back from the 70’s, this Timber Tots Treehouse closes up so you can easily move it from the bedroom, to the living room, to the kitchen, to grandma’s house, and back to the bedroom. Because you know they’ll want to take it everywhere.


Black empowerment tee shirt for toddlers | The coolest gifts for 2 year olds

Black empowerment tee for toddlers
($14.24 at ELNA4 Creative House)

Celebrate the birthday boy or girl‘s newest year with a soft tiny tee with a powerful message that reverberates back through the ages. Love the elegant image above, and the “boy” image is striking as well.

Gorgeous handmade wooden kitchen for toddlers | The coolest birthday gifts for 2 year olds

Handmade Montessori wooden play kitchen
($504+ at Palumba Camden Rose)

The perfect-sized toddler play kitchen, this beautifully handmade — and splurge-y — wooden set includes a stainless sink with knobs that turn, a faucet that rotates, and a cutting board and baking racks that slide out. So there’s lots to play with before you even add play food!


Crate and Kids adorable truck bookcase | The coolest birthday gifts for 2 year olds

Truck bookcase + toy storage
($249 at Crate and Kids)

This beautifully made toddler-sized bookcase will look great in their bedroom for years, plus it’s just the right size for them to put their own books away. We can hope, right?


Manhattan Toy's LEGO Star Wars plush toys | Coolest 2 year old birthday gifts

LEGO Star Wars plush minifigures
($15.10-$31.50 at Amazon)

Larger than your standard minifigure, but they don’t hurt when you step on them at night. Love this entire line from Manhattan Toy!

Koala Crate monthly subscription kit | The coolest birthday gifts for 2 year olds

Koala Crate monthly craft subscription
($21.95/month for 3 months at KiwiCo.)

Well-planned themes, engaging activities, and quality materials makes a Koala Crate subscription such a terrific gift for two-year-olds that just keeps on giving every month.


Unisex fleece lined leggings with pockets from Princess Awesome and Boy Wonder | Cool 2 year old gifts

Cool toddler joggers. . .with pockets!
($24.95+ at Princess Awesome/Boy Wonder)

These cozy unisex fleece-lined leggings covered in fierce dragons would be amazing on their own, but these joggers also have pockets! (just a tip: check them before you start the laundry. . .)

Also available in a bright rainbow pattern as well as mathematical symbols.  From Princess Awesome/Boy Wonder, a company whose medical superhero clothing was a top pick.