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I’m always thrilled to bits to get personal, handwritten notes. But I can’t help but snicker when I get a thank you note supposedly written in first-person by a newborn. Are the new parents already outsourcing their chores to these (clearly gifted) children? Call me a skeptic, but I’m pretty sure I can recognize adult handwriting.
Petite Prints has a much more believable way of including little ones in note-writing: Stationery customized with your family’s silhouettes – parents, kids, and even your pets.
You provide profile photos – the site provides detailed instructions on how to get the best results – and Petite Prints turns them into classic black silhouettes to adorn notecards, notepads (the Mother’s Helper set is especially handy), and even needlepoint kits.
In fact, I think these notes are so wonderfully unique that I wouldn’t bat an eye if you sent one on behalf of your Golden Retriever. Even if you did sign it "Love, Bailey." –Julie[via Oh My That’s Awesome] Mention Cool Mom Picks when you send in your photos, and Petite Prints will credit back the shipping costs.

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