Month: March 2008

Acupressure: Once Merely Effective, Now Actually Pretty

When you are dealing with that unbearable first trimester nausea, you will try anything to function again – ginger pills, raw lemon, enough Saltines to mess up your blood sugar for the next seventeen years. Those acupressure wrist bands were a very effective (non-edible) solution for me – but let’s face it, not so cute. Then two moms came along and fixed that, with their vibrant Psi Bands. They look like Swatch bands, but they’ve got nubby bits to stimulate the pressure points that relieve nausea. And seriously, they work. Plus a dollar from each Cherry Blossom style goes...

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Sleep Well, Baby. Very Very Verrrrry Well.

So what good is it feeding our babies organic milk out of BPA-free bottles, dressing them in organic onesies and letting them gnaw on non-toxic crayons if we’re going to let them spend 14 hours a day sleeping on a big pile of chemicals? Thus, the appeal of organic mattresses. You know how when you open up the crib mattress it smells like a science lab? Well when we opened our Natural Mat crib mattress last week, my toddler said, “Mommy it smells like lemons!” Which blew me away because sure enough, the lambswool inside our Coco Mat organic...

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Chocolate Bunnies Without the Sugar Hangover

My mother was notorious for putting together a healthy Easter basket – animal crackers, pretzel sticks, and carob balls. Ick. While my two little ones  most certainly do not need any more opportunities to ingest sweets, I also don’t want carob balls flung at my head. That’s why I might have to go with a No Guilt Chocolate Easter Bunny found at The Silly Wagon. Made entirely of felt – always a fantastic sugar-free alternative to chocolate – these bunnies would be a great cuddly addition to any basket. And even though they come wrapped in cellophane and tied with a pink bow like...

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A Little Swing for Spring

You know I’ve got a severe case of winter-itis when I’m caressing the lightweight cotton dresses in my daughter’s dresser, fantasizing about the first moment I can get her dressed in a single article of clothing and call it a day. Top on my list: the lovely, flowy, wearable, yummy, unfussy a-line dresses from Kice Kice. The label is a collaboration between the sister team of artists Lesley Nishigawara and Karen Kice. (I guess Nishigawara Nishigawara didn’t roll off the tongue as well, huh.) There’s a superb selection available at Nonchalant Mom like the cotton jersey O Dress shown...

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See Kai Run. Maybe Strut a Little.

The new Kais are here! Yippee! Mamas who know the brand (as in, pretty much my entire Brooklyn neighborhood, judging from their children’s feet) love See Kai Run shoes for any number of reasons. The handmade shoes are comfy and flexible but sturdy, the styles are hipper than your average mass brand offerings, and they actually hold up for more than a season, even with months of serious playground terrorizing to their name. Check out the entire Spring/Summer collection at Dandelion Baby. While I do like the new ballet slipper-meets-Mary-Jane Lolas, I think my pick for versatility sake has...

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Spotted: Owls

I’m of course in awe of all the artists and crafty moms we feature here on CMP. But I have a special place in my heart for those multiple-hit wonders who keep cranking out the cool stuff. One of them: The very talented Jennifer Talbot of b.delicious. We first came across her adorable felt/microsuede barrette and appliquéd tees last year, and since then it seems she’s been busy whipping up plenty more covetable cuteness. She’s got far more for the little dudes of the world (love the Kingpin design) and has expanded her line of hair accessories to include...

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Doing Good By Grandma. And Mother Earth.

We’ve been fans of Stubby Pencil Studio since we were turned onto the Portland company’s high-quality CIY for kids. That’s, um, Color It Yourself. And now we’re pleased to learn that the company has gone eco. (Of course; they’re in Portland.) They’ve just added a whole category of green accessories, including soy crayons, colored pencils certified by forest friendly dot-orgs, and Smencils, those cotton candy and root beer scented colored pencils made totally from recycled newspapers. Plus the charming cards themselves are now all printed on recycled paper and eco-ized to the nth degree.  If your kids’ grandparents are...

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Of Cupcakes, Lactose, and World Domination

The first time I gave my daughter some yogurt, she projectile vomited all over the seat of our brand-new car. One of my first thoughts after learning about her allergy to milk was, "no double cheese pizza, chocolate chip ice cream, donuts, lasagna, EVER?!?!" She is seven now and still cannot have any of those foods, but I don’t want her to feel like she is missing anything because of this allergy. And so I discovered a cupcake cookbook that produced the most delicious little cakes of goodness that were also safe for my girl. The cupcakes are moist,...

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Just Say No to Airplane Blankets

Thanks to living far away from friends and family, I’m always on the look out for products that make family flights easier (or at least, less painful). Take the handy blanket and pillow sets from Lug, a smart company that creates products catering specifically to traveling broods. Inside the soft fuzzy zippered pouch you’ll find an inflatable pillow, plus a generous blanket complete with a pocket that will keep your iPod, cell phone, or Twizzlers (if you’re me) handy.  It fits easily into any carry-on or diaper bag, and folds back up in a snap. You’ll find it, along with...

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Flying the Friendly Bookshelves

It’s hard not to be slightly obsessed with planes when you’re married to a pilot. But I learned very quickly that not just any plane will do – it’s got to get the family pilot approval, which is sometimes hard to come by. The bi-plane bookends from toy shop Giggle Fliggle passed with flying (heh) colors. Created from natural maple right here in the USA, these clever, brightly painted bookends are a great detail for any little aviator’s room and make a better gift than some stupid airplane knickknack. Trust me, we’ve seen our share.-Kristen...

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