Safety Turtle child immersion alarm
When it first came time to baby-proof our apartment, I went to that big-box baby store to get supplies and learned there were far more ways that my baby girl could injure herself than I’d ever imagined. (Hello, bubble wrap). What I didn’t consider was our apartment pool. 

If I’d known about Safety Turtle back then, it would have topped my list of must-have baby proofing measures.  This child immersion alarm system is incredibly easy to use: Just strap the locking wristband with the adorable turtle on it around your child’s wrist and plug in the base station into an outlet inside (or use the battery pack — available separately).  If the turtle goes underwater, the base station sounds an alarm.  So simple, and so smart.

Even for those of us without a pool in the backyard, there’s all sorts of ways Safety Turtle comes in handy for both kids and pets — like boating or a neighbor’s pool.

Nobody wants to think about scary water accidents. But Safety Turtle is one really ingenious way to help prevent them and help keep you from stressing about them. -Julie

Safety Turtle child and pet immersion alarm systems are available on the Safety Turtle web site

Congratulations to Jennifer B, lucky winner of the Safety Turtle system!