Common Sense Media: Because not every parent finds fart jokes hilarious

Common Sense Media - parent guide to kids' media contentMy oldest daughter is now firmly planted in PG-movie territory which means I
really have to pay attention to what she is seeing, reading and
listening to — hopefully without having to actually watch, read and listen to it
all myself. Thankfully, Common Sense Media can help me navigate my
way through the world of kid’s media.

Instead of telling me if a
show or website is “bad” or “good” for kids based on someone’s personal, religious
or political agenda, Common Sense Media summarizes the hot-button issues like “language” and “violence & scariness” in a unbiased way, and let’s me decide if it is right for my kids. I love that I can check new movie releases, look up specific
titles or even browse their own recos for best sleepover movie or best science shows for kids.

The site’s content can now
be customized for my kids’ ages, so I don’t have to wade through media for 14 year-olds to get what I need. And even
though there are thousands of reviews here, I had no trouble navigating
around the site.

But just a warning to future playdates: We do find fart jokes hilarious. -Christina

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Senior Associate Editor Christina Refford loves homeschooling, running, cool kids’ music, and coffee. Not in that order.

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