The Bug Book and Bottle
I have to admit getting a little flush of pride knowing my daughters are willing to pick up earthworms and tickle those pillbugs until they roll into tight little balls. At least for now. So I was happy to see that The Bug Book and Bottle is presented in a way to be appealing to all kids who are fascinated with things creepy and crawly and not just the boy kids.

The bottle itself is more like a small plastic jar with airholes cut through the top. Smart, right? Open it up for a great illustrated field guide from entomologist Hugh Danks filled with great info and activities for kids of all ages. There’s also a bug journal, a little plastic magnifying glass and other goodies. Although if your kids are seriously interested in nature and science, I’d invest in real magnifying glass.

Not that I want to see an aphid up much closer, but my girls probably will. –Liz

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