Mother’s Day is about making your mom cry, right? In a good way?

If you are lucky enough to not only be a mom, but still have a mom around to guide you through your turbulent mothering moments (or in my mom’s case, laugh at me), then you probably have witnessed the power that the perfect picture of your children has over her. She tears up, she awws, she gets that it really was worth raising this daughter of mine now that she’s given me these adorable babies to fuss over look of satisfaction.

I put my mother over the top recently with a mini photo book, new from self-publishing mavens No exaggeration, she has been showing everybody this book, which at 3.75 x 2.5″ is easily the most portable (and cutest! it’s mini!) photo book to ever be whipped out at a doctor’s office or condo board meeting. There are lots of options for customizing the book, and at $16 bucks for four mini-books, you can cover two grandmas and maybe a great-grandmother or two if you are so blessed.

But I warn you, you might want to keep one for yourself for Mother’s Day. It helps to remember what sweet kids you really have during those aforementioned turbulent mothering moments -Carrie

Create your own mini photo book or photo calendar for Mother’s Day at 


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Carrie Damen is a freleance writer, and former contributor to Cool Mom Picks


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    What should we put for the SUBJECT?

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    Cool Mom Picks

    How about LULU Michelle. Good catch, thanks.

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