For those days that beauty’s a pain in the lip

Burt's Bees Tinted Lip BalmI hate those winter days in which my lips are so chapped that wearing lipstick isn’t the best idea. So when I saw Burt’s Bees came out with a 100% natural tinted lip balm, I was like yep. Sign me up for some of that.
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Those of us who love Burt’s Bees regular lip balm are a little culty
about it (ask us about the secret handshake sometime) and the Burt’s
Bees tinted lip balm
is going to bring more devotees into the fray.
They don’t impart a lot of color, just a bit, and it’s not glossy or
sparkly. It really is a lip balm–but with just enough color to make me
feel like I’m more polished and put-together when I’m out, than icky and

Of the six colors, the Pink Blossom will probably look good with the
most skin tones, but for winter, I like the Red Dahlia for just a
smidgen of a more seasonal red.

Great stocking stuffer, mamas.  –Liz

Find the Burt’s

Bees tinted lip balm on their website, and for a limited time, grab
any of the Burt’s Bees Gift
for 40% off on their website! They start at just $3, wow.

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  • Reply December 13, 2011


    You should check out Target for all the Burt’s Bees products. They have some great gift sets and a ton of colors to choose from on all their items – best deals in town!

  • Reply December 13, 2011


    This stuff is my absolute FAVE. I give it as a little “extra” in gifts ever since I discovered it earlier this year. I love Hibiscus and Red Dahlia for me but I personalize my pics based on the recipient. Love that we are SO on the same page. No wonder I love y’all. :)

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