Undeck the halls.

Martha Stewart knows how to get untangled!

No one likes taking down those holiday decorations, but mamas? Trust us, you don’t want to be “that one house” with the lights still up on Valentine’s Day.

That’s why we’ve got 5 great ideas on how to store your winter holiday decorations and make next year’s light untangling a breeze.

1. Simple, smart storage for Christmas Lights
Tangled light cords are never fun. Fortunately, they will be a thing of the past with this ridiculously brilliant, simple way to store Christmas lights courtesy of decorating (and undecorating!) doyenne Martha Stewart. Bonus: you don’t have to buy anything.

Reuse those holiday cards!

2. Turn holiday cards into craft supplies
Some of us have more of a challenge than others, throwing away those holly jolly holiday cards. Instead, tear off the top half and save the images for the kids’ craft box. Deer and snowflakes and poinsettias are always pretty, and you can even save them for next year’s collages and gift tags. Hey, people pay money for collage sheets!

Sterling Pear Keepsake Ornament Box
3. Get a good ornament box
If you’ve got keepsake ornaments that have been in the family for years, or just really want to take care of your ornaments from year to year, you’ll swoon for these fancy ornament storage boxes from Sterling Pear. Sure, you can get an ugly plastic bin for ten bucks. But this one is built to last and pretty enough to keep out in the den during the holiday season. The black velveteen padding holds 50 ornaments and the tiered sections makes packing and unpacking them a breeze.

DIY ornament box!

4. Or…make a good ornament box
If the idea of a pricey ornament storage box is not your speed, check out Martha Stewart’s DIY ornament box, which uses a plastic bin, paper cups, and your basic glue gun. (Always with the glue gun.) Or, just head down to the liquor store or Trader Joe’s for some of those free cardboard wine boxes
with the handy little dividers. Reuse the tissue paper from gift bags
to wrap ornaments– newspaper ink can rub off. And wrap lights around
empty paper towel rolls and tuck those in, too. One box of Christmas
cheer, ready for next year.

hanging gift wrap organizer

5. Put away those ribbons and bows. Gently.
We love this idea via This Old House – grab a hanging gift wrap organizer which you can just hang in the back of closet somewhere. But honestly, it also looks like you could use an old (clean) garment bag and just put those rolls of paper in there as well. Way better than cramming it all into a CVS bag and hoping it doesn’t look terrible come next December.


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  • Reply January 8, 2012


    Wow, i cannot believe this – I already wrap my lights around cardboard and save cards for crafts AND I bought a (cheap – try $6) ornament box at Target this year. Nice to know I am on the right track – will work on the wrapping paper situation next.

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