Shiver me slumbers!

Pirate BeddingAvast, me hearties and shiver me slumbers!

This organic pirate bedding is the next best thing to being rocked to sleep in the crow’s nest.

And even better, you can’t get seasick!

Those scurvy dogs at The Land of Nod are in cahoots with Winter Water Factory to bring you A Pirate’s Bedding for Me, which is one of the most stylish sets of pirate bedding for kids we’ve ever seen. From sheet to duvets to shams, yarr setting sail in 200 thread count, machine washable, organic cotton.

We love the cool blue and the subtle rolling waves, which leave lots of room for imagination without seeming too cutesy. Top it off with an anchor or skull pillow– or both!– and you’re ready to plunder the booty of sweet dreams.~Delilah


Senior Associate Editor Delilah S. Dawson puts the chic in geek. Ask her anything about Star Wars. Really.

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  • Reply February 21, 2012

    Chris Thelin

    I love following your site because you have the coolest stuff on here. I just saw this bedding set and it reminded me of another cool bedding set I ran across with cupcakes but for babies, it seems that you all do a lot with cupcakes also. then click on the cupcake bedding image I think it is on their front page. I hope this helps continue to inspire you like you have inspired me.

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