2 great new products to take on baby’s dry skin. (And maybe yours? We won’t tell.)

Zoe Organics Extreme Cream for dry skin with calendulaWhether you’re battling windy weather or baby skin conditions like eczema, we’ve got two great, all-natural lotions for keeping skin supple and decidedly un-lizard-like. Both of them contain the healing properties of calendula, and both of them rock.

Zoe Organics first hopped on our radar with their phenomenal bath teas for baby–and mamas like me. When I mentioned that my son’s hands were peeling
horribly from eczema, Zoe’s founder and CEO, Heather, sent over their Extreme Cream
over right away. It was an instant hit with us both. He stopped crying,
and I found that my hands looked much younger and more supple every
time I rubbed it into his little lizard paws. (I’ve also been using it on
my new wrist tattoo, which healed beautifully with no peeling.) It’s completely unscented, and ingredients are all luxurious butters, oils and healing herbs like calendula, and all of them are certified organic.

Weleda is one of our long-time favorites–as it is with lots of moms–and I know first-hand how carefully their calendula is grown and processed. I’ve even eaten a flower at harvest time! Their new Calendula Weather Protection Cream
is pure and soothing, rich with natural oils. Like Zoe’s Exreme Cream, this is recommended for protection against cold weather and
sharp winds, along with those chappy bits babies get from drooling.
It starts out gooey but rubs in well enough, with that warm, clean, herbal
scent I associate with Weleda.
Grab the small tube and stash it anywhere from your purse to a windbreaker pocket when you’re heading out on a boat.

Weleda Baby calendula cream
So which one do you want? That depends on how you want to carry your product and what you want it to feel like; because they both work very well and are priced similarly. While Weleda’s cream almost has the texture of mucilage, Zoe’s cream is more of a paste that melts in when warmed. I keep Weleda’s tube in my purse, but Zoe’s cream stays on my desk beside my computer.
Pick one, pick both. You really can’t go wrong, if you’re looking to un-lizard some lizardy skin, or unchap a chapped little bottom. Or, you know, moisturize a tattoo. We all have needs. ~Delilah

Find Weleda’s Calendula Weather Protection Cream on their site or at Target, Whole Foods, or your local health food store. Find Zoe Organics Extreme Cream on their site or by using their store locator.


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  • Reply April 7, 2012

    Isabel @alphamom

    thank you for this.

    I am always trying to find natural creams/ointments for my sons eczema.

    Right now he likes the scent of Baby Bee’s Multipurpose ointment, but he’s still a bit itchy. I want to try some other products on him.

    He was all scaled up last week after snowboarding: wind + snow in the face from falling= chapped chin. I would have loved to have had these products on hand. I’ll have them for next time!

  • Reply April 9, 2012


    Here’s my thumbs up for Zoe Organics ANYTHING.

    I also love, love ZO’s Baby Balm for chapped lips and cheeks. It’s the only chapstick I have that actually works.

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