Puzzles that are curiouser and curiouser (and cooler and cooler)

I’ll admit it–puzzles don’t normally pique my curiosity. But when you combine a beautiful painting with intricate laser-cut wood pieces that are works of art in themselves, you have me grinning like a Cheshire Cat.

Alice in Wonderland puzzle | Artifact Puzzles

Artifact Puzzles is
pure puzzle genius, with offerings like we’ve never seen. Alice in
Wonderland by artist Justin Hillgrove is just one option–they’ve got tons of others to charm you
as well. 

alice in wonderland puzzle | artifact puzzles

Each sophisticated puzzle is laser-cut of 1/4″ thick wood in the most interesting shapes. From cats to octopi and teacups to toadstools, these are not your average wiggly bits. And they’re not for babies.

Laser-cut wooden puzzle piece shapes | Artifact Puzzles
Big Bank Robbery puzzle | Artifact Puzzles
Each puzzle is a different size and has shaped pieces loosely based on
the finished image. For example, this Jim Flora painting, The Big Bank Robbery, has pieces that echo the Picasso-esque designs, including dogs and cars.
Cat, octopus puzzle pieces | Artifact Puzzles
I think my favorite pieces are from a 258-piece puzzle called Cats,
based on a 19th-century woodblock painting by Utagawa Kuniyoshi. The
painting includes 53 cats and one octopus, and the pieces look like this
Search the site for puzzle images to pique the interest of older kids–and friends. Worth noting: these puzzles are on the pricey side, and they do have small pieces that should definitely be kept away from kids under 3. So maybe it’s all the more reason to keep that Alice puzzle for yourself and hand your toddler our favorite Alice board book instead We’re equal-opportunity Wonderland fans. Why should kids have all the fun? –Delilah
Find intricate wood puzzles at the Artifact Puzzles site.


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    Though I’ve never been a big puzzle person, those Alice in Wonderland ones are such a great find. These are puzzle sets I would consider framing afterwards, because they are truly works of art. Thanks for pointing out this great online website!

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