Downton Abbey Valentines: What an Earl Wants

Printable Downton Abbey Valentines from Cobalt & Dash | Cool Mom Picks

Last year we swooned over the printable Hunger Games Valentines and while the Peeta/Gale competition still rages on, this year it’s all about Downton Abbey Valentines for us.

The references are clearly from Season 4–I would have loved to see a Lady Rose I Go Wild For You, a bandleader Jack Ross Let’s Break New Territory, or a Daisy Mason I’m Not That Innocent. But overall they are a charmingly adult way to spread some love around your Masterpiece Theater-addicted office or playgroup.

Downton Abbey Valentines - Dowager | Cool Mom Picks

Downton Abbey Valentines - Patmore | Cool Mom Picks

Downton Abbey Valentines - Branson | Cool Mom Picks

Downton Abbey Valentines - I'm To Die For | Cool Mom Picks

Downton Abbey Valentines - Grantham | Cool Mom Picks

All said and done, it’s nice to see a little pop culture that’s heavier on the culture than the pop. Yeah, no Miley Cyrus: Let’s Ball printable Valentines in my future.

Find free printable Downton Abbey Valentines online at Cobalt & Dash.

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  • Reply February 14, 2014


    my first time here, I saw the link on FB. super super funny. except for Mary. :( poor girl has 2 down.
    I am loving the other stuff you’ve posted as well, going to spend some time browsing :)

    • Liz
      Reply February 14, 2014


      Thanks Joscie, welcome!

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