The best handmade baby gifts | 2021 Baby Gift Guide

The best handmade baby gifts you can DIY: 2021 Cool Mom Picks baby gift guide


Some of our favorite baby gifts have been those handmade baby gifts from thoughtful friends and relatives, especially the ones we never expected. Yes, a handmade baby blanket from a star knitter is always a treat, but even if you’re not a crafting pro, you can put together a DIY baby gift that’s handmade with love.

Check our carefully curated list for everything from practical ideas, to those handmade baby gifts that become keepsakes.


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Our guide is brought to you in part by Chicco, who makes the kinds of practical, affordable baby gifts
we’ve always included in our guides.

All gifts have been editorially determined by our staff. Just the stuff we love! We’ve included gifts from a range of stores, but as always, we urge you to consider independent retailers and support small businesses.  This post contains affiliate links, which means we may receive a small commission from certain purchases to help support the work we do at no additional cost to you.


Our Favorite Handmade Baby Gifts You Can DIY:
11 Ideas for Any Skill Level

Handmade baby gifts: French knit word art for the nursery, tutorial by Christine Leech on Love Craft blog

Handmade word art

French-knit words tutorial | DIY at Love Crafts
Whatever you’re good at — painting, collage, printing stuff off the internet (ha), you can find a special handmade baby gift idea. We like this fairly easy handmade word art tutorial from Christine Leech of Sew Yeah UK that you can make in about 3 hours.

A smaller one might also be nice framed in a shadow box, too. So many ideas!


DIY baby medicine kit for a baby gift featuring this gorgeous minimalist enameled box | Cool Mom Picks

DIY baby medicine cabinet

 Minimalist Enameled First Aid Box | $51.25, Amazon
For a cool twist on a baby gift basket, make your own ultimate first-aid “cabinet” to help keep new parents prepared. To get you started, consider some of our favorite baby first aid items from Amazon or your local pharmacy:

Frida Baby rectal thermometer | Mayron’s Goods Diaper Cream | Infant Tylenol | Safety 1st Baby Nail Trimmer
Frida Baby Snot Sucker Nasal Aspirator | Colic Calm Gripe Water | Baby Cotton Swabs


Handmade baby gifts: A diy bib from old men's dress shirts at A Little Tipsy

A handmade baby bib

Handmade baby bib from old shirts | DIY at A Little Tipsy
Terrific step-by-step tutorial for making a bib out of an old tee or men’s button-up shirt. So cool!


Homemade baby gift ideas: Lactation cookies from How Sweet Eats

Homemade lactation cookies

Homemade lactation cookies | Recipe at How Sweet Eats
Handmade baby gifts don’t just have to be for the baby, right? These are for Mom too. With a recipe developed by cookbook author Jessica Merchant, these dark chocolate-oatmeal lactation cookies actually look delicious. Just make sure to label them clearly, ahem.

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Handmade taggie doll: Handmade baby gift ideas | DIY at Handmade Charlotte

Handmade taggie sensory toy

Handmade taggie doll | DIY at Handmade Charlotte
So easy and adorable, and such a unique alternative to a traditional doll. If you have fabric scraps, ribbons and stuffing, you’re all set.


Handmade baby gift: Tutorial for an adoption soft book from A Beautiful Mess

A handmade baby softbook

Handmade baby adoption book tutorial | DIY at A Beautiful Mess
This hand-stitched soft book was made for Elsie’s own daughter, and it’s an incredibly meaningful gift for an adoptive family to send to their child while they wait to bring them home. It can be adapted with or without photos for any child at all — or just find inspiration in the adorable felt cover design. What a lovingly handmade baby gift!



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Oh, and it’s so affordable, you can even add one onto another baby gift, to help you combine something personal or handmade with a solid registry essential.

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Handmade baby gifts: DIY rainbow book cross stitch art by The Stitch Patterns

Handmade needlepoint or cross stitch art

Rainbow book cross stitch pattern  | $2.50/instant download, The Stitch Patterns
There are lots of cross stitch patterns on Etsy, but this makes for a  beautiful handmade baby gift that goes with any nursery decor.


Handmade baby gift ideas: Modern diaper cake tutorial / DIY at Simply Real Moms

A modern DIY diaper cake

Modern diaper cake tutorial | DIY at Simply Real Moms
We’ve been skeptical about diaper cakes in the past because, TBH, they can be a little…extra. But this gorgeous, simple tutorial from Simply Real Moms is so fantastic! Her video helps a lot.

And those baby All-Stars on top are a pretty cool baby gift when the diapers are done. (A nice nod to our new VP, too!)

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Handmade baby gift ideas: A knit blanket is even easier when you order a complete kit from Wool & The Gang

Handmade baby gift ideas: Handmade heart pillow tutorial from Design Love Fest

A handmade pillow or blanket for the nursery

Complete knit baby blanket kit | $67, Wool & The Gang
Yes, a handmade baby blanket may be the most traditional idea of all, but the pattern doesn’t have to be.
Download one of the free blanket patterns from Wool & The Gang, or grab a ready-made kit. It’s sure to be a keepsake forever.

Handmade heart pillow | DIY at Design Love Fest
Not a knitter or crochet maven? Try this super easy (really!) handmade baby gift, whether it offers a little support on a glider or rocker, or will have a happy home in a toddler bed in a few years.


Handmade baby gifts: Origami crane mobile instructions via 1 Dog Woof

A handmade origami mobile

DIY origami crane mobile tutorial | 1 Dog Woof
This clever photo-mobile hack transforms into a stunning handmade baby mobile that soars when a breeze comes through the window.


Handmade baby gifts: Lavender bath salts DIY from Wholefully

A handmade pampering gift for the new mom. Don’t forget her!

Handmade lavender bath salts | Tutorial: Wholefully
Not all handmade baby gifts have to be for the baby! We recommend these essential oils which let you make all kinds of incredible handmade gifts that can relax anyone in the house.

Also see our ideas for handmade mason jar spa gift ideas and handmade mason jar food gift ideas
that can easily be adapted for a perfect shower gift. 


Thanks to our sponsor Chicco, who makes the kinds of practical, affordable baby gifts we’ve always included in our guides. All gifts in our guide have been editorially determined by our staff — just the stuff we love! We’ve included gifts from a range of stores, but as always, we urge you to consider independent retailers and support small businesses.

This guide contains affiliate links, which means we may receive a small commission from certain purchases to help support the work we do, at no additional cost to you. 

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