Unique Baby Gift Ideas That Are Smart, Not Silly | Baby Shower Gift Guide

These unique baby gifts are still useful and very very cool! | Best baby shower gifts from Cool Mom Picks

When we look through lists of unique baby gift ideas we find a lot of, uh…weird stuff. We’re going to go out on a limb here and guess that if you’re looking for a unique baby gift, you still want something cool, something fun, something useful for a baby. Not just something strange. Or worse, we find so-called unique baby gift ideas that aren’t unique at all. Hmm. (Not calling you out by name, website with a baby gift list that includes a stuffed bear you can find in any store in America.) So we went to work!

While we hope that our entire baby gift guide is filled with unique baby gift ideas you’ll love, these gifts are particularly perfect for parents who have everything…or hate everything.

Above: Owlet Smart Baby Monitor System

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Unique Baby Gift Ideas That Parents Will Actually Love

Unique baby gifts: Personalized alphabet book with their name and likeness from Wonderbly

A Personalized ABC Book

($29.99 with discount on site, Wonderbly)
This company makes beautiful custom books that incorporate your child’s name and likeness, and now they have a new collection of personalized early learning books to teach letters, numbers, and colors. (Don’t worry if the child’s name doesn’t start with an A! Then the book might be called “D is for Daniel.”)


Unique baby shower gifts: Yohana digital concierge for parents takes care of all kinds of tasks so you can sleep when the baby sleeps (ha)

A Personal Assistant Service for Parents

($129/month, Yohana)
Chip in with friends or family toward this digital personal assistant service that was created by a mom to support other busy parents. They’ll do routine tasks, meal planning, manage doctor visits, schedule appointments, find gifts — whatever is on the to-do list so that new parents can, in fact, try to sleep when the baby sleeps.

Alternatively, consider a gift card from care.com toward expert caregiver help — a sleep training consultant, baby nurse, lactation consultant, even a new mom coach.


Unique baby gift ideas: Crinkle wing safe dragon teether honoring the Chinese Year of the Dragon

Unique baby gifts: Peggy Li's Chinese Year of the Dragon Necklace, with 50% of proceeds donated

A Chinese Zodiac Birth Year Gift

Crinkle Wings Dragon Natural Teether | $25, Uncommon Goods
Chinese Year of the Dragon Necklace | $79, Peggy Li
Honor the baby’s Chinese zodiac sign with a cute teether for the baby, and maybe a sweet commemorative necklace for Mom — this one from CMP favorite artist Peggy Li donates 50% to support the AAPI community.

Unique baby gifts: The ecreamery new baby collection of gourmet ice cream pints delivered nationwide are AMAZING! Add cookies, too!

eCreamery New Baby Gourmet Ice Cream

($59.99/4 pints and up, eCreamery)
Order an entirely personalized pint right down to the name and label, or stick with one of the delicious new baby ice cream collections. Everything they make is delicious…and it goes fast. Ask us how we know.

Unique baby gifts: Custom names/faces board book from Pinhole Press

A Custom Baby Board Book of Names and Faces

($39.99, Pinhole Press)
One of our longtime favorite mom-and-pop companies offers such unique baby phot gift ideas. Their customizable templates let you make a book about ABCs, colors, numbers, toys, or family members, all using favorite snapshots from your phone or camera.

Unique baby shower gifts: The Aquaroo baby carrier is made just for safety in the water

A Baby Carrier Made Just for the Water

($175, Aquaroo)
This unique baby gift idea is so smart for parents who basically live at the pool or beach. And yes, it fits both moms and dads so everyone can keep the baby safe.


A Personalized Star Chart From Baby’s Birth Date

($33.99, Our Love Was Born)
Wow, we love this unique baby gift idea so much!

Unique baby gift ideas: Honest Baby Muslin Skull Blankets is a classic gift with a little edge

A Classic Baby Gift…With Some Edge

(Honest Baby Skull Patterned Muslin Swaddle Set, $24.99/2, Target)
If you’re that cool aunt, godmother, or friend, change up all the pink flowers and blue gingham with a unique baby gift that’s still practical…but just a little more modern. It’s pretty satisfying when a new parent opens your gift and says, “This is so you!” Or better yet, “This is so us!”

Unique baby gifts: Owlet smart baby monitor with live health readings for the ultimate peace of mind

Owlet Smart Baby Monitor System Providing Live Health Readings

($269 with a discount on site, Owlet)
Some parents are more anxious than others and some babies have more needs than others. The Owlet is the smart baby monitor for healthy infants 0-18 months, that comes with a connected “Dream Sock” to provide real-time updates on pulse rate, 02 levels, sleep patterns, and more.

Unique baby gifts: The To-Do card sets are full of inspiring activities to help new parents and babies bond through play

Bonding Through Baby & Toddler TO DO Cards

($20, Uncommon Goods)
These imaginative card decks include 30 activities that help new parents and babies bond through sensory play that develops motor and language skills. Just pick any card at random and follow the instructions for lots of experience to remember.


Unique baby gift ideas: Unexpected stroller accessories like these Warmmuffs from 7AM Enfant

Unique baby gifts: Petunia's Mickey Mouse Stroller Hook

Unique baby gifts: StrollAway over the door stroller hanger

A Unexpectedly Useful Stroller Accessory…Designed by a Mom

7 A.M. Enfant Warmmuffs | $48, Amazon
Mickey Mouse Stroller Hook | $19, Nordstrom
DreamBaby StrollAway Over-the-Door Stroller Hanger | $24.99, Amazon

New parents may know to register for the stroller, the umbrella, and the rain cover, but there’s so much more! For a unique baby gift idea, consider three of our team’s favorites — all of which happened to be designed by moms themselves. In fact, we own that StrollAway hanger, and promise it will grow with a family until one day it’s hanging a big kid scooter.

For more ideas like these, see our picks for the best practical baby gifts that are still pretty cool


Original artwork by Marisa Ann Cummings: Unique baby gift ideas

Original Artwork for the Nursery

(Prices vary, Marisa Ann Cummings of Creative Thursday)
An original piece of art for the nursery is so thoughtful, and no other child will have the same one. This piece from wonderful artist Marisa Ann Cummings is one-of-a-kind, so if it’s gone there are more to choose from in her shop.


Unique baby shower gifts: A Marlo Bea baby headwrap or bow with fabric honoring the baby's heritage

A Baby Gift Honoring Their Heritage

(Baby Headwraps $10 and up, Marlo Bea)
There’s something truly special about a baby gift that honors those who came before us, while teaching them about their family’s heritage. We love Shun Moore’s beautiful handiwork, which she dedicates to both her children and her own great-grandmothers.

Unique baby gift: Bilingual gifts like these Minilingo Mandarin-English matching cards from Worldwide Buddies

Unique baby gifts: Bilingual board books like Colors by Patty Rodriguez

  Unique baby gifts: ASL wooden blocks | Best Baby Shower Gifts

A Unique Bilingual Baby Gift

Minilingo Spanish-English Matching Cards | $13.99, Amazon
Contando de Colores Board Book by Patty Rodriguez |  Amazon or Bookshop.org
ASL wooden blocks | $40, Uncommon Goods

Educational baby gifts are always wonderful, and hey, bilingual is the new… monolingual. Whether this is another unique baby gift idea to honor their heritage or a way to start children out learning the beauty of other languages and cultures, it’s kind of exciting to think of a child who knows their colors in five languages!