The Best Practical Baby Gifts That Are Still Cool | Baby Shower Gift Guide

The best practical baby gifts (that are still cool!) | Cool Mom Picks baby gift guide

We’ve spent a lot of time talking to new parents and curating the best practical baby gifts. And of course, they have to fit our high standards. That means they should be legitimately practical baby gifts, but they also have to feel gifty and cool. (Always cool!) Like you don’t need us to tell you that parents need the big box store jumbo pack of wipes and butt cream, right? So we don’t.

In other words, these are the best practical baby gifts that new parents will love to get…and that you’ll also love to give, because you’ll be helping them a ton. Hey, new parents need all the help they can get.

Above: Hatch Rest Baby Sound Machine and Night Light

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The Best Practical Baby Gifts: Our favorites this year

Best practical baby gifts: Healthy Baby EWG-verified diaper bundle delivery

A Diaper Subscription. (The Good Kind.)

 Monthly Diaper Bundle Subscription | $21/pack of 30-42 diapers each, with 30% discount for bundles
Parents are raving about the first-ever EWG-Verified diapers. Chlorine-free, with a 15% organic cotton outer layer, it’s soft, safe, and even provides overnight leak protection. Best of all, you can swap or size up any time.

Practical but still cool baby gifts: Munchkin's best-selling baby swing looks far more expensive

A Baby Swing That Only Looks Expensive

 Munchkin Baby Swing with Remote | $199, Munchkin
Bluetooth enabled, with a digital touch display and remote control, in white (shown here) or a sleek limited-edition black, there’s a reason this new swing became an instant best-seller. It even folds flat for easy travel.

Willow wearable breast pump, single or double: The best practical baby shower gifts

The Most Comfortable Wearable Breast Pump

Willow Go Breast Pump or Willow 360 Breast Pump | $262-374 on sale, Willow

A thoughtful practical baby gift — a breast bump for moms who intend to breastfeed. This one is rated 100% comfortable by moms, is discrete under shirts, and can even help extend breastfeeding time because it’s just that comfortable, effective, and easy.


Practical baby gift ideas: A postpartum recovery kit featuring goodies like Peter Roth eye gel patches

A DIY Postpartum Recovery Kit

A blissfully practical baby gift idea. Get creative! Splurge or get thrifty. Give her one item, or put together a whole basket of care-taking goodies.  Here are a few starters:

The best eye gel patches | $55, Sephora
The best cute postpartum undies | $16 or $36/set, Kindred Bravely
The best belly oil | $64, Hatch
The best fuzzy slipper socks | $9/set of 5, Amazon
The comfiest postpartum lounge set/PJs | $456 Kindred Bravely
The best dry shampoo | $21, Amazon
The best reusable water bottle |  $44.95, Amazon
The best postnatal vitamins | varies, Ritual
The best underwear…for later | $34, Nordstrom

Other practical ideas for new moms: Maxi pads, nipple cream, nursing pads, Kit Kats. (Just us?)


Skylight Family Calendar: Best practical baby gifts

The Ultimate in Family Organization

Skylight Calendar | $139.99 and up, Skylight Frame
If they’ve got more than one kid to keep track of, this calendar is a lifesaver. It’s the most streamlined way to make sure the whole family is on the same (digital) page, from meal planning to doctor appointments to individual kid events. Our readers swear by it.


Best affordable diaper backpack: Jujube is on sale ... and the price is amazing!

The Diaper Bag We Love — At a Crazy Discount

JuJuBe Diaper Backpacks | Starting at $40 on sale, JuJuBe
After 10 years of trying them out, props to Jujube for making a thoughtfully designed diaper backpack with all the pockets, padding, and features you need. With lots on sale!

Maternity robe from Petite Plume: best practical baby shower gifts

The maternity robe celebrity moms adore

Luxury Pima Maternity Robe | $118, Petite Plume with optional monogramming

She will live in this (literally) from those pregnant days at home, to those postpartum days…at home. It’s both a luxury baby shower gift and a practical baby shower gift, and evidently approved by everyone from Kate Hudson to Kim Kardashian to Princess Kate Middleton,


Best practical baby gifts: Hatch+ Baby Machine combines a nightlight, soother, and audio monitor in one
Better Sleep, Ahhh

Hatch Rest Baby Sound Machine and Night Light  | $59, Amazon
App-enabled, dimmable clock, sleep stories and more — all to help your baby sleep better. And parents too.


Practical baby gifts: A meal delivery service like Ipsa, or gift cards to their favorite local spot that delivers

Meals They Don’t Have to Make Themselves

There is nothing more practical than knowing you have food when you’re hungry — GOOD food — and it’s prepared and ready to go.

Our suggestions:
A week (or month) of homemade meals from a group of you.
– Delivery from a service like Ipsa in NYC (above) which delivers ready-made gourmet meals
A Meal Kit delivery service (Here we’ve compared some of the top options)
-A gift card to a delivery service or their favorite local spot (Hint: New moms miss sushi!)


Practical baby gifts: An affordable travel system like this one from Graco

A Top-Rated Travel System

Graco Verb Click Connect Travel System with SnugRide Infant Car Seat | $164.99, Target
Spoiler alert: You don’t have to spend thousands to get a terrific travel system. This one comes in cute patterns too!
Maybe add in a gas gift card to get them on the road — or at least a gift card for the coffee shop in town!


Best practical baby gifts: The Bandolier let's a new mom stay hands free, and keep her phone on her. We love ours!

Two Free Hands

Bandolier Crossbody Designer Phone Case | $100 and up , Bandolier
Since moms always wish we had more hands, our favorite wearable phone case at least lets you use the ones you’ve already got.

Diaper Dekor Plus: Best practical baby gifts

A Diaper Pail That Doesn’t Stink

Diaper Dekor Plus | $49.99 and up, Amazon
Sleek, sophisticated, and basically smell-proof. To be extra thoughtful, add some diaper bag refills.


Best practical baby gifts: The Fridababy Touches Thermometer works in just 1 second!

A Super Speedy Touchless Thermometer

Fridababy 3-in-1 Thermometer | $39.88 on sale, Amazon
A one-second temperature read. Yes, one second!  Because when your baby is sick, even that feels like forever.


Best practical baby gifts: Ergobaby carrier is a back-saver and a favorite with moms for a reason!

A Back-Saving Baby Carrier

Ergobaby Baby Carriers | $109 and up, Ergo Baby
The baby carrier we’ve actually used from 4 mos to 4 years is a favorite among babywearers for a reason. Perfect for moms, dads, sitters, and very very generous grandparents.


Babymoov Hygro + Cool mist 3-in-1 humidifier | best baby shower gifts $50-150

A Humidifier That Does A Little Extra

Babymoov Hygro + 3-in-1 Humidifier | $77 on sale, Amazon
It humidifies, it lights, it diffuses essential oils…the only thing it doesn’t do is rock the baby to sleep.


The best practical baby gifts: A cushy closer door cushion to avoid slammed doors!

The Gift of Silence

Cushy Closer Door Silencer | $9.95 or $26.50/set of 3, Cushy Closer
Because nothing is more frustrating than waking a baby up when they finally get to sleep.


the best baby food maker: The Beaba BabyCook Neo 4-in-1 makes 38 servings in 20 minutes!

A DIY Baby Food Maker That Beats The Rest

Beaba BabyCook Neo 4-in1 Glass Baby Food Maker | $259, Amazon or Nordstrom
The top-rated baby food makers is a little pricey, but as far as practical baby gifts go, it will save you a fortune on ready-made stuff in the long run. It will steam cook, blend, defrost, and prepare up to 34 servings of baby food in 20 minutes. Magic!


Mama needs coffee: best practical gifts for new moms. Also, throw in some beans!


Mama Needs Coffee Stoneware Mug | $19.99, Sweetwater Decor
Bodum French Press  | $19.99 on sale, Amazon
BLK&BOLD Dark Roast | $14/12 oz, BLK and BOLD

Put together a DIY coffee gift pack for new parents. They’ll be THRILLED! An encouraging new mug should definitely be part of the mix. And hey, you can always trade up for a Trade Coffee gift subscription to keep the beans coming.


The best practical baby gifts: Verilux portable sanitizing wand

A Sterilizer for…Everything

Verilux CleanWave Portable Sterilizing Wand | $58.99 on sale, Amazon
As if new parents weren’t already germophobes before  Covid.