I think these DIY mason jar spa gift ideas are just so incredibly perfect for the holidays, Mother’s Day, anniversaries…you name it.  I mean, is there anyone among us who could not use a little pampering right now? The way I see it, if you can’t afford to gift everyone you love a trip to the spa, then why not bring the spa right home to them?

While putting together a dozen wonderful DIY mason jar food gifts, I came across so many wonderful DIY spa jar ideas using mostly edible ingredients, that I had to share them with you all too.

A set of a dozen large 32 oz. mason jars will run only about $17 or so on Amazon, with discounts; or check your local supermarket. So this is the kind of gift that lets us all be generous without breaking the bank. So grab some mason jars and the ingredients you’ll need for these fun, thoughtful DIY mason jar gifts, and make something wonderful for all the special teachers, friends, family members, and party hosts in your life.

Top: Festive lavender bath salt recipe | Living Locurto
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Homemade mason jar spa gifts for the pampering we all need

Lavender Bath Salts to Enjoy All Year

Lavender bath salts in mason jar by Living Locurto for Tater Tots and Jello

I love giving kids the extra craft project of making washi-tape Christmas trees on the front of our mason jar gifts each holiday, as seen in this lavender bath salt recipe by Living Locurto for Tater Tots and Jello (also above). It just requires some epsom salts, a high quality lavender essential oil like this one, some affordable dried lavender, and a couple of other ingredients you have on hand. So much good inspiration there! Be sure to check out the free printable gift tags to complete your gift.

A Trio of Deliciously Holiday-Scented Sugar Scrubs

Sugar scrub mason jar gifts from Hello Glow

Ready for 3 homemade mason jar spa gifts in one? One of my daughters makes me the sweetest-smelling sugar scrubs each year, so I wholeheartedly recommend gifting a trio of holiday-scented sugar scrubs in mason jars like these from Hello Glow. Her recipes for peppermint latte, gingerbread cookie, and mulling spice sugar scrubs call for only a few ingredients — all kid-safe. So there’s no reason they can’t help you blend sugar, coffee, and extracts into a mixing bowl before scooping into a mason jar. And I love the way she hangs simple handwritten tags around each jar.

Festive Peppermint Bath Salts

Peppermint bath salt mason jar gifts by Crafts by Amanda

The layered peppermint bath salts in mason jars from Crafts by Amanda may take a steadier hand to get that candy cane stripe just right, but the result looks worth the effort. With only four common ingredients, this two-tone gift comes together quickly. All that’s left is to attach a bow and a gift card.

An Invigorating Eucalyptus Shower Scrub

Homemade eucalyptus shower scrub from Aura Cacia: Handmade mason jar spa gifts

A DIY eucalyptus shower scrub brings the refreshing scents of a fancy spa into your own bathroom, making it one of our favorite homemade mason jar spa gift ideas to come back to all year. This recipe from Aura Cacia (some of our favorite essential oils) is so doable. The one ingredient you may need to pick up is basic unscented castille soap like Dr. Bronner’s, and of course, some essential oils. Not that you won’t be using those all year long. Scoop into a mason jar, and if you’d like, affix a pretty little spoon/scoop to the lid with some ribbon.

A Peppermint Sugar Scrub…With or Without the Holiday Theme

Peppermind sugar scrub mason jar gifts by Mom 4 Real

A candy cane, sprig of rosemary, and free printable label make the peppermint sugar scrub mason jar gift look like you took it off the shelf of a gift shop. So pro! With only three ingredients (highly recommend this peppermint essential oil for its quality and stability) it’s super easy to make this one, even during the busy holiday season. Or if you want to adapt it for the rest of the year, trade the candy cane for a simple rock candy stick in white.