Funny Baby Gifts That Keep Parents Laughing | Baby Shower Gift Guide

Our favorite funny baby gifts | Best Baby Gift guide from cool mom picks

We share funny baby gifts for new parents all year around here, so why not create an entire category for our favorite funny baby gifts in our Baby Gift Guide? And so we did. I mean, what new parents can’t use a good laugh during some of the most anxiety-provoking, sleepless weeks of their lives? (Not to bring the vibe down or anything.)

Yes, you can find a zillion sassy onesies everywhere you look, or lists of “funny baby gifts” on websites where it looks like they just did a quick search and picked the first 10 things that came up. (Ahem.) As for us, we spent a whole lot of time seeing what made us laugh. You might notice we tend to lean toward those funny baby gifts that are a little more clever, a little more unexpected, and a little more wry.

With that, please enjoy our picks for the baby gifts that make us laugh, make us smile, make us want to run right out and get one immediately. Now, who’s got a baby to shop for?

Above: Pint Sized Premium

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Funny Baby Gifts That Keep Us Laughing


Funny baby gifts: Mommy/daddy and me set from KaAn: The original / The Remix / The encore

Dope baby and me set for mom or dad | Funny baby gifts | cool mom picks baby gift guide

Funny baby gift ideas: Pops/Shorty baby and me set from KaAns Designs

A funny mommy-and-me/ daddy-and-me set

The Original- The REmix – The ENcore parent-baby set
Dope Mom/Baby Set
Pops/Shorty Set

(All $15.25-21/ea, KaAns Designs)
We’re happy to continue supporting the legit maker of these awesome family tees, which have long since gone viral — and been copied so many times. Shop the original maker. Worth it.

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Dish towels featuring Boobies and Tits WHAT THEY'RE BIRDS | funny baby shower gifts

Boobie Birds Dish Towels

($16, Uncommon Goods)
She’ll be whipping hers out all the time now. Uh… the dish towels, that is.

10 funny baby gifts: 100 first words for little geeks board book

100 First Words For Little Geeks

($8, Amazon)
Chock full of movie references (inconceivable!), STEM vocab (P is for pi, not pie), and all manner of sci-fi words.
But there are so many funny board books to choose from these days — pick your fave!

I laugh at dad jokes: Funny teether from Bella Tunno

Funny Silicone Teethers from Bella Tunno

($11.99, Amazon)
Funny, affordable, and each one gives back in beautiful ways.

Funny baby gifts: In my baby era Swiftie onesie from Pint Sized Premium

Eras Baby Onesie

($15, Pint Sized Premium)
Bring on the future Swifties!


Funniest baby gifts: Pop culture rubber ducks, from Prince and Mick to Ariana and Willie

Funny Rubber Duckies

($19.99 from Celebriducks on Amazon)
Prince, Ariana, The Walking Dead, Dolly…even Freddy (A.K.A. Bohemian Quacksody)

Funny baby gifts: Faux fur hooded dinosaur towel from PBK

Faux Fur Dino Hooded Towel

($49, Pottery Barn Kids)
Looks just as funny hanging on a hook as it does when the baby is in it.



10 funny baby gifts: A burrito baby swaddle

A Burrito Baby Swaddle Set

($48, Uncommon Goods)
Since we all say we’re wrapping the baby like a burrito anyway, this is the perfect funny baby gift.
Note: Please don’t eat the baby. Even with guac.


Funny baby gifts: Mommy Milestones wine labels (you supply the wine) | Cool Mom Picks Baby Shower Gift Guide

Mommy Milestone Wine Labels

($10.95…without the wine, Harper & Ivy)
One more thing to look forward to postpartum. Well, the wine. Maybe not the first public tantrum.

Funny baby gifts: Taro Gomi Everyone Poops onesie

Taro Gomi Baby Onesie

 $22, Out of Print
Yes, there are lots of potty humor onesies, but this one is like, literary. So it’s better.
If it’s out of print at Out of Print, try Taro Gomi’s iconic book at


Funny baby gifts for a new mom: "I just need some f*ing sleep" handmade soy candle

A soothing candle with an inspirational saying

($25, James Wax, with frequent sales)
Just don’t advise them to “sleep when the baby sleeps.” Man, that’s annoying.