Do you really need to be eating that can of barbeque pringles? Or that bag of red hot cheetos? I’m thinking that perhaps there’s no time like the present (cough-bathingsuitseason-cough) to put the junk food away and send it to someone who could actually use it – like our troops overseas.
We figure since it’s Military Month, the best thing you could do to show your support, other than sporting the whole flag-yellow ribbon combo, is send a care package to a soldier. Founded by a Denver Business Woman, Treatsfor Troops offers a variety of care packages chock full of some great treats that would be a welcome change to the tasty freeze dried desert meals. Blech.
And, if you don’t know anyone overseas, you can order a package through theirfoster-a-soldier program. Find someone based on their branch of service, gender, or homestate, just to name a few. And, if you feel so inclined, you can continue sending that same soldier a package whenever you want. There’s no time like the present to express your heartfelt thanks for your safety and freedom. Now that’s cool. –Kristen