We’re not sure if there’s a better mani-pedi read than Real Simple. Admit it, you’re dying to rip out half the pages when the pedicurist turns her head, stuff them in your bag and sneak them home with you. Or maybe you actually have? So of course the Cool Mom Picks staff was thrilled to discover Real Simple now has a special issue that focuses just on families. Real Simple Family, as you can imagine, features hoards of wonderful articles, how-to columns, and simple solutions for families of all kinds. It’s hard to highlight only a few, but standouts include "Little Dipper" combo recipes to help get picky eaters over the new food hump; a comprehensive guide to family-friendly vacation ideas; and ingenious activity kits to keep kids entertained while they’re traveling, eating out, or stuck at home with the malady of the week.
This is the kind of magazine where every single page is going to end up dog-eared. In other words, get thee to a newsstand and get your hands on a copy.
And if you love it, make sure to let them know. If only because we’ll be incredibly bummed if they don’t come out with a follow-up next summer.


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