If you’ve ever stood slack-jawed in the children’s section of Borders, entirely overwhelmed by the selection, you’re not alone. Board book or hardcover? Pat the Bunny or Hop on Pop? It’s maddening. But a book on books–that’s the last book I would have thought I needed to insure my child’s taste for the written word.Turns out I was wrong. Susan Straub and KJ Dell’Antonia have lovingly assembled the very comprehensive Reading with Babies, Toddlers and Twos: A Guide to Choosing, Reading and Loving Books Together. Each chapter discusses a particular topic in enjoyable detail, like the best way to read aloud or how to balance reading with dvds and TV (don’t worry, the AAP isn’t watching).
But the best part of Reading with Babies are the dozens of lists. Oh, the lists! Starter books, interactive books, books about birthdays or feelings or imaginary friends or making art. Clearly the authors know their stuff. And after reading their book, you will too.
Besides it’s nice to get a few new ideas for books that my kid might actually want to look at. Not just chew on. –Christina


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