Hurricane Katrina’s wrath was devastating for sure, but it also did damage in ways we don’t always think about. Consider the public libraries, for example. Seeing as how water and paper aren’t a very good combination, several libraries lost entire book collections–every single book–and desperately need to restack those stacks.
The Dewey Donation System is an inspiring dot-org that helps disaster-struck libraries replace lost volumes, and their 2006 drive is dedicated exclusively to Harrison County, Mississippi, including the hard-hit Biloxi and Gulfport areas.
You can do your part by parting with those duplicate copies of Goodnight Moon or those beach novels you just know you’ll never get around to. (New books only, please.) You can also buy books from the eight libraries’ wish lists, and of course, there’s always cash. Three easy ways to up your status from Cool Mom to Coolest Mom. –Rebecca