I won’t go into exactly how many stuffed animals I have lying around my house, but I will say that I recently sent a few into on an extended trip to "toy vacation land" in order to make room on my daughter’s bed for, well, my daughter.Soif you’re inundated with an excess of furry friends like we are, here’s a great idea from our friends at ParentHacks: Send them off to kids who would really love to have them.
United States Corp of Army Officers Member Edmay Mayers, who is currently stationed in Iraq, is taking it upon herself to distribute toys and stuffed animals to impoverished Iraqi children at her own expense.And from the sounds of it, she can barely keep up with the demand from the kids, so whatever you can send will surely help.Get yourself to the post office, and send that box out to:
Edmay Mayers
APO AE 09331

Just think – free space in your closet and grateful, happy children. What more can a mother ask for?-Kristen
[via Parent Hacks]
Click here for ParentHacks’ fantastic info on how to obtain a free–free!–postal kit with everything you need (but the postage) to send packages to the military.