Cool Mom Picks is constantly on the lookout for truly fantastic kids’ room art, and it’s not easy. Just google "nursery art" sometime, and behold the frightening array of garish watercolor farm animals in straw hats. The prints look more like something from one of those Starving Artist stadium shows than something you’d be proud to display over a crib.But the animal prints from Lisa Masterson’s Avalisa–well, they just put so many others to shame. Bold, graphic interpretations of sheep, pandas, giraffes and elephants jump off the hand-stretched canvas. Each one comes in a variety of colors, so you can either choose one motif in multiple shades, or mix and match with other animals. You can can even venture beyond animals into Avalisa’s bold abstracts, her transportation prints (great boys room ideas!) or add a personalized canvas with your child’s name on it to the mix.In no time your child will be insisting on posters of the latest (awful) kiddie pop band. Trust me: Make his room gorgeous while you still can. –Liz
Instead of a discount for you, how about a deal for someone in need? Along with your own purchase, consider buying an Avalisa print to donate to a CURE international hospital.