If your husband’s like mine, he refuses to carry any sort of diaper bag. I’ve tried Camo messenger bags, hulking backpacks and indie-rock totes, but nooooooo. He has rejected each and every one. So when I saw the Dad Gear Diaper Vest at Emmy and Ally, it was like the clouds parted and all was well in the world.
The genius design is a must have for bag-averse dads, or any parent-on-the-go who prefer his hands and shoulders free. It’s sporty and fleecey (my guy’s fave) on the outside, with loads of strategically placed pockets for easy access to wipes, diapers, bottles and binkies. It even comes with its own changing pad.
When the weather gets a bit nippier, there’s a full Cargo Jacket too.
It’s a dad’s dream come true. Or at the very least, mine. I hate having to carry everything all the time. –Rebecca


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