I’m all for books that teach my kids more than just their animals. I mean, cripes, if we have to take the time to read it to them 500 times, it might as well teach them other things too, right? Like how to make their own breakfast, mow the lawn, or even better, make me a cocktail.
Now your kidcan learn hisshapes and master the art of concocting the perfect dry martini thanks to Lisa Brown’s hilarious board book Baby Mix Me a Drink. He’ll be mesmerized by the bright colors and shapes, all the while learning an invaluable skill that’s bound to get him through college or help him survive while he’s pursuing his career in "Industrial Art."
So start them early, right? Mommy is busy enough these days — the last thing she needs to do is make her own drink. -Kristen
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[Thanks Beth!]


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