Despite continued reassurance that we only serve delicious meals at our house, my older daughter stubbornly resists trying new foods. The tears, tantrums and intense negotiation are exhausting. For once, I’d like to sit down to a meal without ever uttering the words “…or you can go straight to bed.”

So thank you Missy Chase Lapine, for your new book! The former publisher of Eating Well Magazine has penned The Sneaky Chef: Hiding Healthy Foods in Kids’ Favorite Meals, which is full of ways to achieve that peace without compromising nutrition.

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The book contains realistic and straightforward advice about helping kids eat a balanced diet, plus dozens of recipes, my favorites of which include fruit and veggie “purees” swirled into unrecognizable form. The Crispy Chicken Tenders are to die for, with a breading made of wheat germ, almonds and bread crumbs, and a carrot/sweet potato dipping sauce.

And you, The Sneaky Chef, are the only one who knows that healthy stuff is in there. Genius.