After I peed on the stick and saw those two pink lines, I did what a lot of newly-pregnant women do: I took 157 books off the bookstore shelves, sat myself down and tried to find just one one that echoed my feelings and thoughts about pregnancy. But most just made me want to run screaming–right to the café, to eat my weight in chocolate.
Then my friend gave me a copy of Body, Soul, and Baby: A Doctor’s Guide to the Complete Pregnancy Experience, From Preconception to Postpartum by Tracy W. Gaudet. Thank goodness there’s at least one expert out there who sees you as a whole person and not a walking uterus. The author is an OB-GYN who specializes in integrative medicine, meaning she knows that western medicine doesn’t always have all the answers. But don’t expect any tips about hanging crystals in your east window for an easy delivery either. This is sound, supportive, up-to-date advice regarding mental, physical, and spiritual health.
I especially loved her relaxation and meditation techniques for each stage of pregnancy. Let’s hear it for something to do at 3AM during those third trimester bouts of insomnia. You know, besides reading more pregnancy books. –Tina


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