I’m not sure what it is about ties that makes us grab them in desperation for Father’s Day gifts. Me included. But this year, I urge you to return it–it’s not too late!–and instead check out the plethora of appropriate hipster dad gifts at McSweeney’s Store, the online shop of Dave Egger’s hilarious literary journal.
Apparently their distributor went bankrupt (yada yada) so everything in the store is priced to sell. You’ll find books that the artsy/funky/literary/mildly pretentious dad will love like The New Sins by David Byrne, the hilarious Baby Be of Use series, or The McSweeney’s Book of Poets Picking Poets.
If you have a few cool grand to blow, head straight to McSweeney’s ebay auctions. You’ll have the chance to bid on one-of-a-kindart, original McSweeney’s proofs, and signed goodies from the likes of Spike Jonze.
Or give your man the tie. Then bid on something for your own hipster self. We won’t tell. -Kristen
Happy Father’s Day, Cool Dads!


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