I remember, with some regret, the first doll my daughter was given. It was made from a heavy plastic and had a gigantic wobbly head — certainly not something I’d like to cuddle up with in bed. So when I saw the adorable felt dolls from Lindie & Friends, I couldn’t wait to show my daughter, who’s become quite the dolly connoisseur since then.
Handmade by former teacher turned toy artist Kara Lesondak, these squeezably cute dolls are the perfect first, second, or heck, fifteenth doll for your daughter or son. They come in various ethnicities, all equally decked out in hip retro duds.
10% of the proceeds are donated to Crafty Kids, which teaches children how to make toys then sends them to Kenya to pass the knowledge directly onto other kids. I can hear the inspirational music playing.And that’s a good thing.-Kristen
Congrats Kathy F and Elizabeth G — they won dolls of their very own!