I’m trying not to be offended by the fact that my 5-month-old rejects my boobs to instead watch his sister run around the playground. But while I’d love to refocus his attentions, the thought of a nursing necklace makes me cringe. I get the concept, but it’s tough to find one that I’d actually wear in public.
Unbelievably, I’ve found the Holy Grail of nursing necklaces thanks to jewelry artist Colleen Berg.These versatile and contemporary beaded pieces can be worn at choker or opera length, so you can flaunt them to the world long after after the millk’s run dry. And if you’re worried about the choking hazard, don’t be. They’re wrapped with 24-gauge sterling wire making them nearly unbreakable. Plus, the whole idea is that because you’re wearing the necklace, the baby focuses on eating something else.
If that hasn’t sold you, get this: Each piece is handmade using pearls, Chalcendony, and Picasso Jasper which is not only beautiful, but known for its weight loss properties. Um, can I get a beaded top in that? -Kristen


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