The idea of "going green" sounds fantastic in theory, but trading up to a Prius and installing solar panels on my house is not in my near future. But thanks to The Green Book, I’ve learned that saving the planet is easier than I thought.
Authors Elizabeth Rogers and Thomas M. Kostigen along with a slew of superstars have created a witty manual filled with simple tips to help prolong the life of the earth. Don’t worry, I’m not talking composting or growing your own hemp. Mostly it’s small changes, like buying products with less packaging, going paperless with your bills, and using voicemail instead of a machine to save electricity. (Could someone please tell my mother this?)
I personally checked off about 50 (yes 50!) things that my children and I could implement without causing any huge uproars or mutinies in my home.
Plus I like the earth. A lot. -Kristen


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