Who knew that a three-year-old could require accessories? My daughter has her own jewelry box, a slew of hats,and now she’s asking for belts.
So luckily I happened upon the reversible ribbon belts from Monkey Foot Designs. Handmade by mama (and the currently super pregnant) Kris Valenti, these beltsare perfect for yourtoddleror tween — and not just because of the huge range of sizes. They’re reversible so they appeal to girls’ fickle tastes. Plus Kris’sribbon choicesare fantastic,and the faux tortoise shell buckle will make my fashionista daughter squeal. Okay, it sort of made me squeal too considering they look exactly like the $150 belts I’m seeing for adults this fall. And for just $16 apiece. I’ll take two please. -Kristen
CMP reader exclusive: Order through this link for 10% off any order. Congrats to winner Susan M!

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