If I have to draw one more cat or tree or apple on demand for my daughter, I think I might just lose it. Let’s just say I’m best equipped for being the guesser at Pictionary. But thanks to Taro Gomi’s amazing Scribbles: A Really Giant Coloring and Drawing Book, I’ve been totally off the hook.

First of all, it is really giant. Just like the title says. And it’s chock full of drawing prompts for kids 3-99 — everything from adding noses to already-drawn funny faces or drawing hats and bows on kids, to saving fish from the impending doom of a shark attack. They’re simple enough that my three-year-old is mesmerized, but would still entertain even the most skilled tween artist.

I strongly suggest buying Doodles, Gomi’s other book as well, and stashing one in the back seat of the minivan. The idea of begging my kids to get out of the car after a long drive would be a welcome change to the cliche chorus of Are we there yet? -Kristen