For almost two years now, we’ve been pointing our readers towards cool gifts, toys and gear alternatives to the stuff you find in your local ginormous mass retailer.

But now that buying handmade, indie or fair trade can actually be safer for your kids, we’re feeling even better about what we do here every day.

So for your browsing, buying, and drooling pleasure, we’re happy to present The Cool Mom Picks Safer Toy Guide, featuring some of our favorite playthings for younger kids. From teething toys (Run away from the plastic! Run away!) to blocks to cars to super splurge rocking horses, we’ve got you covered with all kinds of stuff made by folks who stand behind their manufacturing processes and non-toxic dyes and paints.

While you’re at it, check out our Alpha Mom TV segment entitled "Enough Plastic Already" for even more great picks that you can feel good about your babies gnawing on when you’re not looking.

Click over and happy–and safer–shopping.