Calling all word freaks who happen to dig cool jewelry: We’ve just found a loquacious charmer which speaks volumes about your percipience. A piece more rare than kunzites and zeugmas that won’t cost qintars and zolaties. It’s a Scrabble charm that doubles as a smart take on a baby initial necklace. Pizazzy!

The clever wordsmith-slash-silversmith behind the designs is Los Angeles artist and talented mom of three, Kritty Zurek (whose own name is 31 Scrabble points). After studying metal-smithing in college, and having, oh just a tad bit of professional success (like jewelry designs featured in Vogue), Kritty started designing gifts for close friends. And then these friends then wanted to give them to their friends, and so on and so on. It just kept growing like a triple word score. 

Which brings us to you–just pick your favorite letter of the alphabet, think of what you’d like to be inscribed on the back, and score. This is one case where even if you don’t use a Q or a Z you still come out ahead.. –Laura

Tags: jewelry

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