A reader recently turned us on to Heather B. Moore Jewelry and now, well, we’re turned on. What can I say, awesome, expensive custom baubles make me hot. (Hint to the sigOth.)

I think any of this talented artist’s (blown glass, painting, photography, metal work) custom charm jewelry would make a wildly special Mother’s Day gift –the kind that your kids and their kids end up with decades from now. But I’m particularly intrigued by the build-a-bracelet.

Like all of her pieces, you can customize it so that the charms are inscribed with a child’s initials, birthdate, latitudinal coordinates of the hospital where you gave birth…you name it. There are even funky add-on charms, ID tag style charms, and semi-precious stones help make the piece exactly how you envision it.

This is serious, serious high quality solid sterling and 14k jewelry. Which, if you’re a regular CMP reader, you’ll know is code for so not cheap. If you’re looking to make this Mother’s Day one to remember, I commend you. As for me, I have the suspicion I’ll be envying your baubles from afar. –Liz