I have a thing for chunky, loud, way-too-full charm bracelets, ever since I inherited one from my super cool Great Aunt Bea. Along those lines, the baby-themed vintage-style charm bracelet from artist Crystal Rendon that we spotted at The Baby Gardner.

This is definitely more kitsch than classic, but that’s totally why I like it. More than 30 charms give it each one-of-a-kind bracelet the proper jingle-jangle effect, including glass beads, little pacifiers and rattles, and illustrated charms featuring ye olde time-y bonnet-clad babies.

For just $48, the bracelet such a great new mom or soon-to-be-mom Mother’s Day gift. Second only to the baby of course. And the expeditious return of her perky boobs. –Liz

Congratulations to SF, winner of her own charm bracelet!


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