There’s not a lot of fun involved in breastfeeding in the beginning, as I can attest as a two-time, soon to be three-time nurser. Unless you enjoy the feeling of your boobs about to explode.

But moms Shannon Payette Seip and Adrienne Hedger certainly found the humor in it all in their new book If These Boobs Could Talk… Truly, they had me laughing at page one. There’s everything from a comic strip called "Bad Times to Breastfeed" to hilarious lists like The Top-10 Things You Can Do When You’re Up for a 2:15am Feeding and Can’t Fall Back Asleep. (May we suggest taking a look at Cool Mom Picks?) They even find the lighter side of unsuccessful attempts to get a a boob-baby to take a bottle

Is this book making light of what can be an extremely emotional experience? Absolutely. That’s why I suggest you snatch this book up and pop it in with your next shower gift. Because other than a good nap and some warm compresses, more than anything, a new nursing mom could use a good chuckle. -Kristen

Happy Mother’s Day, moms – Especially you first timers out there. Enjoy the day, you’ve earned it.

Congrats to Joni C, winner of an autographed copy of this book!


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