Feminism and other gender equality issues aside, I’m more than happy to relegate the grilling to the sigOth. Men just have some primal need to play with fire, and I’m more than happy to let them. My guy would totally love Grill Charms, which is a smart little thingamabobby for chefs serious about their bbq.

Invented by mom (and breast cancer survivor) Leslie Haywood, Grill Charms basically look like little thumbtacks to help differentiate the meat on the grill or on the buffet table- same concept as a wine glass charm.

Use the steak collection to indicate cooking temperature so that Uncle Jack can figure out which rib-eye to take without sticking a knife (or finger, ew) in each one. The spicy collection keeps you from mistaking the mild turkey sausage from the hellfire chicken sausage. There are also some “charmed life” charms with icons like sailboats and palm trees that would be great for people with allergies – say you can’t have onions or MSG, or are marking the burger with the soy cheese on it.

Dandy Father’s Day gift to go with that new Weber grill.