So you think decorating your baby’s room is hard, right? Just wait until they get older and have opinions, none of which match anything you suggest.

We’re betting that any cool parent and any music obsessed tween will equally go ga-ga (or whatever it is they do these days) over these vinyl wall clocks from etsy shop The Grateful Thread. Handmade using recycled vinyl and 7-inch albums, these functioning timepieces feature custom hands that actually look like a record needle. If you want to add a special twist, they’ll even design custom labels just for you or your kid – whose favorite artist has probably never even seen a record player in his life.

If you’ve got an old school rocker daddy in the house like me, it makes a fantastic dad gift too. Besides, they’re made in London. If that’s not genuine rock ‘n roll, then I don’t know what is. -Kristen


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