Having kids didn’t make you forget about the worthy causes you’ve championed — in fact, there’s something about becoming a parent that often activates the save-the-world gene. But with time at a premium now, how do you reconcile passion for change with a mom’s busy schedule?

Check out YourCause.com, a social networking site specifically for the charity-minded. You can set up everything you need to back your favorite cause; build an informational page, start a blog, add pictures, collect donations, and connect with others doing the same.

Best of all, when your kids are older like mine and they need to do a service project for scouts or just decide to save the planet (because you raised them that well) they can build their own YourCause pages, too.

Hey, if it’s good enough for the slew of Hollywood do-gooders involved like Morgan Freeman who’s there plugging PLAN!T NOW to help victims of natural disasters and Matt Damon whose passion is African children, it’s certainly good enough for me. –Mir


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