Now that we’re on baby #3, my husband and I don’t
bat an eye at the 2 AM. wake-up calls, and spit up is funny, even when it hits the oriental rug. But we weren’t always so laid back.  The first few months with our
oldest was the greatest strain our marriage has ever endured, with not nearly enough laughter.  If ever a couple of parents
could have used Wry Baby’s latest book – The New Parents’ Fun Book – it
was us.

This book is a riot, as would be expected from Wry Baby. It turns every point of new parent
stress on its head by looking at the funny side of it.  There’s a
“curse”word puzzle, diaper Rorschach tests, and a nickname
maker-upper. Even a super-serious first time mom like I was will find
it irresistible. Plus I love the retro illustrations and the
spiral-bound spine, so you can lay it flat.  Because what new parent
has a free hand available to hold a book?

Not only will The New Parents’ Fun Book get the two of you
laughing, you’ll be laughing together.  At stuff like poop. Really. –Julie

Congratulations to Dara E and Jennifer M, winners of The New Parents’ Fun Book!


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