I had my fair share of hearty chuckles after discovering Motherhood with Attitude’s hilarious greeting cards last year. So when co-owner Janalee Chmel clued me in to their new Thank You Card Box Set, it’s no wonder I nearly peed my pants again. And not just because I’m in my third trimester.

My favorite one reads I’m sitting in the quietest spot in my home so that I can take a few moments to be thankful for you. Ok, so I’m on the edge of my tub, door locked with my kids’ fingers poking under the door. But I am essentially alone.

It definitely gets the point across, particularly if you’re like four months behind on your thank you notes. In fact, that should be a requirement for all mom-friendly thank you cards, because really, it’s amazing that you’re getting something out in the mail at all. -Kristen

Congratulations to Melissa H, winner of a set of Motherhood with Attitude thank you cards!

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