I’m sure you’ve noticed: Any physical activity is harder when you’re
carrying or wearing an infant. Despite this knowledge, I never did
find a baby-and-me workout video I liked. Everything I’ve seen since my
daughter was born four years ago looked either a) too cheesy or b) too
easy. I didn’t want to spend the time if I wasn’t going to get a
firmer butt out of it. 
Enter Lullaby Exercises from mom-run chicks-n-chickens.

(Now let me say that because I no longer have an infant, I attempted to use my 14-pound cat
Bella for the first part of the DVD.  That didn’t last long. I
resorted to one of my daughter’s dolls, and she did the exercises along
with me holding Pink Kitteh.)

The music is good, the women look totally
normal, and the squats and ab crunches are real.  Even without an 18-pound baby in hand I felt the burn, and I do a lot of normal exercise. Had I been
six weeks post-partum, I think I would’ve died. In a good way. The DVD’s a winner.

Special bonus: A
section at the end to get your baby to fall asleep while you cool down.
Go! Buy! –Rita


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