I have been smitten with the beautiful cut-paper illustrations from Brooklyn artist Ida Pearle since I first discovered her custom artwork in a local boutique and nabbed a print for the new baby of my BFF. Her work has since become one of my go-to gifts for great friends, but there are plenty of new babies in my life who would also be happy with something, oh…in the $12.95 range.

So I am so happy to see that Ida has turned her spectacular artwork into a brand new book, Child’s Day: An Alphabet of Play. Brand new illustrations describe actions from act to zoom, and kids won’t be able to resist creating their own stories around the imagination-inspiring tableaux.

Grab one for your own kid for any other in your life. It’s the kind of thing that, every time you look at it, it just makes you happy. –Liz

Congratulations to Hyon-hee G, winner of an autographed copy of Ida’s new book!