Now that I’m a nutrition-obsessed mom, I get where those raisin people were coming from that I made fun of when I was trick or treating as a kid. They didn’t plan on being the lamest house on the block (although they were), but it sure is hard competing with all the sugar out there on Halloween.

I think I can stick to my healthy ideals while still retaining cool mom status with the all-organic Yummy Earth lollipops. They taste just as good as the junky kind–really!–and the colors are vibrant, but not artificial, instead derived from organic black carrots, wheat grass juice and pumpkin. And seriously, your kids won’t know the difference.

Wheat grass that the kids will actually crave? Now that’s cool. –Danielle

UPDATE: Yummy Earth lollipops are now wheat grass free! Apparently, even though wheat grass is a wheat-and-gluten-free ingredient, it caused enough concern that they thought it best to remove it entirely. Please see their website for more information.