My daughter loves cooking with me. Loves it. And, while a mother/daughter cooking extravaganza might sound good in theory, the reality is actually quite messy. So I was intrigued by the many promises of Zebra Mix.

These brownie, cupcake and cookie kits gives kids the ability to manage their own baking project in the kitchen? To own the entire process and be successful? All while caregivers step aside? Count me in.

True to its word, Zebra Mix was a revelation. My 7 year-old laid out the mapped instructions and got to work. My role was limited to the dangerous oven-related activities, leaving me plenty of time to pop bon-bons and laze around while my indentured servant made perfectly round cookies that were all exactly the same size as prescribed by the little template.

The results? Buttery and crisp organic chocolate chip cookies that were gone within a couple of hours. Win win. –Danielle