The idea of pediatricians formulating baby skin care products–as the MD Moms have done with the much beloved Baby Silk line–is easy to understand. But I love that they’ve outdone themselves this holiday with the brand new and extremely special Oscar Litwak Foundation Charity Notecards.

I thought they were cheerful and fun even before I read about the foundation and its mission to lift the spirits of kids in hospitals. But I especially like the cards knowing that a full 100% of the proceeds goes towards the Mobile Playroom Program, which brings fun and games to bed-ridden kids.

Buy a set and let your kids give them out to friends as holiday cards. Buy a set and use them for holiday thank-you cards. Buy a set to have on hand. Really, I don’t care what you use them for; just go buy some. -Mir

Congratulations to Emily, lucky winner of the Baby Silk Baby Basics set!