Nursing Sports Bra
Contrary to what people try to tell me, breastfeeding alone does not seem to make the pregnancy pounds melt off. Looks like gym visits are in my immediate future. However, nursing in a regular old sports bra is a royal pain in the butt, usually forcing me to cut my workout short or put it off altogether.

Well looks like I’ve got absolutely no excuses for ignoring New Year’s Resolution #1 courtesy of Bao Bei Maternity’s nursing sports bra. Created from a high quality, hearty athletic fabric, this nursing bra features a crossover front that holds your boobs in, but still allows you to hop off the treadmill or pull over on your walk to nurse with limited awkwardness and nipple flashing.

Or heck, with this bra you could actually nurse while on the stationary bike. Now that’s what I call multi-tasking. -Kristen

Nursing sports bra available at Bao Bei Maternity

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